Living Strong



What?  A support group without a problem to focus on? 

We're trying something new!  We're meeting together to encourage one another in our healthy choices!  Whether it be exercise, drinking more water, getting outside more often, eating better, thinking better, cleaning the house, having balance, resting, sleeping, etc.  We're here, to support you! 

Nothing is worse than wanting to make changes and having no support!  Ever have those people in your life that just want to laugh at your failures?  People that want to poo-poo your choices before you even have a chance to try them out?  People in your life that don't want you to change, because it makes them uncomfortable? 

Often our attitude is reflected in our health.  If we feel defeated, we are defeated.  If we feel sad, our health is sad.  If we think change is too hard, we'll never change.  But what if we change that?  What if we don't focus on our problems, but look at the solutions?  What if we look at the positive side of change?  I want to drink more water so that I can think clearly!  I want to get to bed on time so I am less sore during the day!  I want to be able to play with my kids or grandkids, so I am going to walk every day, a little bit further each week, so I can be stronger. 

So how does a "healthy" support group work? 

We'll meet once a month. 

We will have a topic of the month on health that we will either watch a video or share a short presentation.  We'll give you tips on how to meet your own goals.  We will explore lifestyle changes that will benefit our health.  We'll learn about nutrition, preventative health, safe and effective illness care (like how to treat a fever, soothe a sore throat, etc.), and lots more.

We'll have time to talk about our goals with each other and encourage one another.  You can bounce ideas off of each other and ask questions.  You can share your triumphs of the past month.  You can share your struggles and gain encouragement from others who have felt as you do.  We'll have a loose format which may change the first few meetings until we figure out what works for our group. 

You can invite your friends.  We are not a closed group!  Bring your friends or family along.

Meeting Times

Our plan is to meet one Tuesday a month.  We chose the second Tuesday because life is full of second chances!

The time is 6:30-8pm.


May 16 - The Power of Positivity (we realize this is the third Tuesday)

June 13 - The Great Outdoors

July 11 - Topic To Be Announced


Who is leading this support group?

The leaders of this group are not medical professionals, but we are a group of people who have focused on health and studied many concepts out there.  One of our team members owns Health Country, a health food store in Mason City.  Another one works at Health Country, as well, and has worked through a lot of her own health issues, too.  One of our team members has hit rock bottom, but climbed out and has an awesome story!  Our last team member has training as a RN, but no longer works, she also has struggled with anxiety and depression, hives and allergies and overcome them by making some basic lifestyle changes.  We know what it is like to not feel well, and to struggle to get better.  We know what it is like to have family and friends not believe in the changes we have tried.  We know it is hard not to snack.  We know it is hard to drink all the water you should each day.  We know it is hard to get to bed when we're stuck on Facebook until late at night. Simple lifestyle changes are often the most hard to make, but the most beneficial to your health.  We're here to be your cheer leading team! 

Disclaimer:  Our advice should not be taken as medical advice.  We simply share our stories and experiences.  Always... ALWAYS... listen, learn, and study out your own choices.  Talk with your doctor so as to not cause problems by abruptly stopping medications or changing your eating habits that may interact with your medications (or any other therapy that you are on).  Your doctor wants you healthy, as well.