GROWING FOOD Gardening Classes

Join us for our upcoming GROWING FOOD Gardening Classes

Our Growing Food classes will have 7 information packed sessions on how to grow your own food.  This is a beginning class and will go over topics of: Planning Your Garden, Starting Plants from Seed, Soil Health, Pest Prevention, Companion Planting, Weed Suppression, Composting and more.

Classes will be 1-1.5 hours in length.  You will get some great information along with some hands-on demonstrations.  During the classes, you will get to try out techniques yourself and you will get to bring home some starter supplies to help you get started with your own garden. 

A donation of $10 per family is requested to cover the cost of the supplies that your family will receive. Supplies are limited and will be available to those that register on site during the classes.  

Planned dates of the 7 sessions are:

February 20 - Planning Your Garden / Buying Seeds, Alliums

March 6th - Spring Gardens, Frost Covers, Starting Seeds, Brassicas & Chenopods

March 20th - Summer Gardens, Garden Styles, Night Shades

April 3rd - Soil Health, Garden Rotations, Amendments, Umbels

April 10th - Weed Prevention, Ground Covers, Mulching, Legumes

May 1st - Companion Planting, Pest Prevention, Container Gardening, Chicories

May 15th - Compost, Fall Gardens, Cucurbits


You must register to join the class.  There are supplies that need to be purchased and organized ahead of time.  We also will have a limited class space, but we do currently have room for more (as of February 23rd).

To REGISTER, please follow one of the following...

1)  Text


to 84576

2)  Email us at and request to join the class. 

3) Call us and leave a message on our church answering machine at (641) 424-4055. 

Someone will respond to you, no matter the method and verify your information.  If someone did not reach out to you within 48 hours, please try again. 


Missy and Steve Bull from 14 Acre Farm will be presenting our classes.  They have been gardening for many years and have recently begun to sell produce from their farm.  They will share the techniques they have learned  through the years.  14 Acre Farm uses organic methods in their gardening.  Missy and Steve grow produce on over a half acre of land.  They have apple, pear, and peach trees, grape vines, asparagus beds, rhubarb beds, 2 high tunnels, a small greenhouse, a raised bed garden, and a ground level plot as well. 

You can check out their Instagram Feed at and their Facebook page at