GROWING FOOD Gardening Classes


Join us for our upcoming GROWING FOOD Gardening Classes

Our Growing Food classes will have 7 information packed sessions on how to grow your own food.  You can choose if you want to go to one, a couple, or all of them!  We will offer 3 beginner classes and 4 advanced classes.  You are welcome to come to both sessions or some of each.  We all learn differently and you may find the beginner classes to fit your needs, or you may find the advanced classes to meet your needs... or a mixture of the two.  Feel free to mix it up and come to what will help you out best. 

Classes are 2 hours long.  The instruction is about an hour long and the other hour will have time for questions... so you can have an answer that works for your growing needs.  The second class, Starting Seeds, will have a "Hands in the Dirt" activity.  Handouts will be given so you have the resources and details of the talk without having to take notes and try to listen at the same time. 

Our classes will be on Sundays from 2:30-4:30 pm.


Planned dates for 2023 are:

February 19 - Planning Your Garden

February 26 - Starting Seeds (Starting your own transplants from seed)

March 5 - Weed and Pest Suppression

March 19 - Growing In the Cold (Extending your garden season)

March 26 - No-Till Gardening (Soil Health)

April 2 - Rotational and Companion Planting

April 16 - Amendments (Compost and Fertilizers)




To REGISTER, please follow one or more of the following...

1) Fill out our online registration form. (Best option, tells us what classes you plan to attend)  CLICK HERE

2)  Text GROWFOOD to 84576.  This will get you on our texting list for these garden classes, only.  We send out reminders the day of the class.  We also text out any cancellations, if needed. 

3)  Email us at and request to join the class.  (For those that struggle with the form, but can email). 

4) Call us and leave a message on our church answering machine at (641) 424-3055. 

Someone will respond to you, no matter the method and verify your information.  If someone did not reach out to you within 48 hours, please try again. 


Missy Bull from 14 Acre Farm will be presenting our classes.  She has been gardening for many years and with her husband has begun to sell produce from their farm.  She will share the techniques they have learned  through the years.  14 Acre Farm uses organic methods in their gardening.  Missy and Steve grow produce on over a half acre of land.  They have apple, pear, and peach trees, grape vines, asparagus beds, rhubarb beds, 3 high tunnels, a small greenhouse, a raised bed garden, and a ground level plot as well. 

You can check out their Instagram Feed at and their Facebook page at