Music for Young Children

While we were at campmeeting, my daughter got on her phone and started playing a few of these albums while her children napped one afternoon.  I even enjoyed them myself.  They were calming; they were soothing, and the music was just a nice gentle music.  I asked her what they were, and she shared that she got them off Amazon Prime.  So those of you who have Amazon Prime, they are FREE!  If you do not have Amazon Prime, I still think they would be worth the money to purchase.  

Today as I sat listening to the birds, I pulled up my Amazon Prime account and I began playing these.  Amazingly, the birds were not frightened by the music, and I would almost say they were less scared of me sitting on the porch as they flitted in and out of their bird houses without first checking me out on the branches near by.  


The nice thing about the albums is that they are scripture songs.  The reason they are so calm and soothing is that they are, yes, you got it... they are lullabies!  I will say, lullabies are not just for babies!  They are calming to parents who are having a frazzled day with the kids... or maybe even with work.  

Search for these online.  I have not listened to their other music, so I cannot tell you how that sounds, but these Scripture lullabies are beautiful.  You will want to search for:  Hidden in My Heart Scripture Lullabies by Seeds Family Worship.   The link here brings you to their website and has songs you can preview by an audio link.  

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