This story gave a whole new meaning to the Great Commission. And beyond that, the call to serve others.  God calls us to GO. Don’t look back. Just go!!


A pastor in the communist USSR of the 1950’s was arrested and imprisoned while his family was banished to Siberia to live and die. One wintry night in their remote, dilapidated, government-given wooden cabin, the three children divided the family’s last crust of bread and drank the last cup of tea in the house before climbing into bed still hungry. Kneeling for prayer, they asked ‘where are we going to get more food, mama? Does papa know where we are? We’re hungry!’
Their mother assured them that the Heavenly Father knows where they are. For now, He was the one who will provide. They prayed and asked for His provision.
Thirty kilometers away, in the middle of the night, God woke up the deacon of a church and told him to ‘get out of bed. Harness the horse, hitch the horse to a sled, load up with the harvested vegetables, meat and other food collected by the church and take it to the pastor’s family living outside the village’
The deacon argued with God that it’s below zero and the horse might freeze and he might freeze. The Holy Spirit told him ‘YOU MUST GO, the pastor’s family is in trouble’
The man argued again ‘what if I never come back?’
He heard the Holy Spirit answer ‘you don’t have to come back. You just have to go.’
So he did. That family was saved and generations later, they still tell the story.
What kind of commitment is this? Is it possible that God is calling us to do the same thing?
He did come back and they all survived to tell the story. Persecution is an abstract notion for us. Service should not be. For communist regions of the USSR, persecution of religion was as sure and natural as the sun coming up in the morning. What is your story of service to our Lord?
(Story adapted from the book titled The Insanity if God by Nik Ripken)

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