You don’t have to win an election to live at the White House; all you need is money. (If you just want to visit a scale model, you can find them all over the place–from Austria to the Wisconsin Dells to California.) A builder in Atlanta built a 16,500 square-foot version for his family, but had to sell it for $10m after the 2008 housing crisis. An engineer built his own version in Virginia, before he was struck with empty nest syndrome and parted with it for a measly $5m. But the king of all imitators is Chinese billionaire Huang Qiaoling, whose 55,000 square-foot version is the exact size of the real White House. There is one difference: Qiaoling’s Oval Office looks out at a truly massive edition of Mt. Rushmore. (The Washington monument is somewhere on the grounds, too.) Wealthy Chinese have made a habit of such replicas: there are, by one count, 10 White Houses, 4 Arcs de Triomphe, 2 Sphinxes, 1 Eiffel Tower, and now a London Bridge in China. This has gotten so out of hand that the Chinese president called for a halt to the construction of “weird buildings.” But of all the White Houses in the world, I suspect none of them feel quite the same as being in the real deal. Still, people settle for the imitation because they know they will never attain the real. Jesus has promised us plenty of room in his Father’s “White House” (“Gold House”?), so why do so many of us “settle” for our lesser fiefdoms when we could have his kingdom? Let us aim for that promise and refuse to settle for less!

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