You remember Dan Price, don’t you? He was the young CEO who made some waves a few months back for raising the lowest salary at his company to $70,000. He reasoned that employees who don’t constantly fret about finances would be better workers. To finance this raise, he cut his own salary from $1m to $70,000. Good theory and a nice guy, but he ended up with some unexpected blowback. Price’s two best employees quit immediately (including his brother). The web developer, Grant Moran, grumbled that “now the people who were just clocking in and out were making the same as me.” It all sounds like the story Jesus told in Matthew 20, where the vineyard owner agreed to pay every worker the same regardless of how long they worked. To be sure, Jesus isn’t giving us his preferred business model, but in the case of Price’s former employees and the first vineyard workers, their salary didn’t go down. Rather, they just couldn’t stomach that people they looked down upon should be doing as well as them. Perhaps we can’t say whether Price’s business model is the ideal, but we can certainly take people’s’ reaction to it to heart. Let’s rejoice when others do well, even better than us! We want all people to thrive, enemies and friends alike.

~ Pastor Matthew J. Lucio

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