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The Third Annual Advent Tree Celebration in Mason City on December 4th at 5p

Join us for the third-annual Advent Tree lighting service, which is open to everyone! Though it’s hosted by Seventh-day Adventists, we believe Christmas is for everyone to celebrate and it’s inclusive of all creeds. The goal is simple: community worship. And what better to bring people together than a commemoration of Jesus’ birth?

Come and enjoy a choir (or two), brief, bite-sized messages from area pastors, hot chocolate, and a time or prayer for Mason City. It’s free in all sense of the word – no offering is taken, no trying to convert anyone, no calories from drinking our hot chocolate (well…cross your fingers). It’s just a time for Mason City to worship. As the red lights on the tree turn to white, we’re reminded of Isaiah 1:18: “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.”

Check out last year’s lighting at the Globe Gazette.

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The Advent Tree is our way of celebrating that our Savior came into this world to turn our scarlet colored souls as white as snow. It is a beautiful time to remember the redemptive purpose of Christ’s birth. As such, our tree belongs to all Christians in Mason City and not to one particular denomination.

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At 5:00 we will have an interfaith worship service with videos, scripture readings, songs (modern and traditional), a choir, and short messages from area pastors. (Don’t worry, no offering is being taken, though you’re free to donate to the Advent Tree program if you choose.) After the service, we’re grabbing our jackets to head outside (briefly) for the lighting of the tree. Hot drinks follow.

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Because we love Christmas and it is the perfect occasion to bring the Mason City community together to meet, fellowship and celebrate.

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Nothin. Nada. Nicht. This is for us, for you and for your family to enjoy. So please, join us!

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Bring your kids… our kids would love to meet them.

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