We don’t want to look the number in the eye, but we should. The number
is 18. One. Eight. That’s how many school shootings have occured in the
first 45 days of the new year. One shooting every two-and-a-half days. I
remember Columbine, and the heart-in-throat horror of a nation. Now,
school shootings are so ordinary we just shake our heads and get on with
life. Don’t. Take time to be horrified. The image of two women hugging,
one with the smoky cross of Ash Wednesday fresh on her forehead, is
hard to forget. Get to know their stories. One of the 17 victims was Aaron
Feis, the football coach who shielded students with his body so they
could get away. A teacher hid 19 more students in her classroom. A
janitor rallied students away from the gunfire. Sabbath is not a day where
we rest from knowing what is going on in the world. That is, a rest in
ignorance. It is a day we rest from the hurry of always moving on to the
next headline; of getting trapped in tragedy without feeling. It’s a day we
allow our hearts to really and truly break – to be a spiritual human – and
from our brokenness we pour out prayers for the victims and the
perpetrator. It’s a day where we look up to heaven and sigh with the
martyrs: “How long, O Lord?” (Rev. 6:10). It’s a day where we bring the
bad news to Jesus and allow him to remind us of the Good News. For we
truly long for the day when the promise of Sabbath rest spreads its wings
over all creation.

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