Otis Nichols, an Adventist from Dorchester, MA, called on Ellen White to come at once and deal with two men who were stirring up trouble among the believers there. When the two men, Sargent and Robbins (all of the villains in Adventist history sound like villains), stopped by the Nichols’ home to spend the night, Nichols invited them in to meet Ellen White. Suddenly, the two men had to go. “Too bad,” Nichols told them. “But you’ll have a chance to meet” Ellen in Boston this Sabbath. Sargent and Robbins smiled and said they’d see Ellen then. That evening, Ellen had a vision that they should go to Randolph, ten miles outside of Boston. “We can’t go to Randolph,” Nichols protested. “I promised the men we’d meet them in Boston!” The mischievous men had secretly told the believers in Boston to join them in Randolph. When Ellen arrived to preach, she’d find an empty church. Surprising them at Randolph, the two men left the church and the pages of our history. Sargent and Robbins wanted to snipe at Ellen White but never confront her. They said her visions were of the devil, but when she went into vision in Randolph they ignored the fact she wasn’t breathing and the fact she was holding a Bible up and pointing to verses without looking. They were too in love with their own ideas to consider any new evidence. May we be a people who are always open to God doing a new thing among us, adopting or abandoning any idea in pursuit of truth!

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