There’s nothing quite like one of our own Elders’ music skills to make our hearts grow a thousand times. Listen, be blessed and share.

Music, Lyrics and Performance by Charles Caponi:

‘As a young man, my mother always left the porchlight on when I was out for the evening. At times I found this irritating as I thought I no longer needed that precaution. Even when I was older and had a place of my own, going home for a visit meant that same old porchlight was shining for me. With God, no matter how old we get or how far we stray, He leaves a porchlight on to guide us safely home. It’s who He is.’


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Chuck (Charles Caponi) is a songwriter, author and avowed cat fancier. Chuck is married to Kim, he lives in Mason City, IA with Kolby to whom he caters at every whim and doesn’t mind one bit. Find him on Social Media:



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    1. Praise God, Ms. Grantham. We are glad you shared this with us. Stay tuned as a new video will be posted soon. Blessings!

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