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The Family Fun Fest is an abbreviated VBS filled with… you guessed it: FUN, lessons about our everyday heroes and our Savior; oh, and also food. All is FREE of charge; we are planning this as a gift to our community’s kids and tots. All ages are welcome.

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On JULY 17 (SUNDAY) at 1pm the fun begins. We will have a petting (and feeding) zoo, bouncy gyms, bouncy slides, activities for all ages, popcorn and refreshments, then dinner at 5pm. We will also bring our heroes (a doctor, a police officer and a fireman) to give lessons to the kiddos about what it takes to be one. Last but not least, we will learn about our ultimate Hero, Jesus Christ, who died to save us.

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Because we love our kids and it is a perfect time to bring them together to learn and have fun doing it. We want our kids to learn about the people in the community who save lives every day.

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Nothin. Nada. Nicht. This is for you, for us and for families to enjoy. So please, join us!

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No age limit. Activities are designed for all ages. We will have a special area designated for tots and another for older kids. Register below. We will also be ready to register your kiddo(s) the day of.

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