Attention belt-conscious people: Did you know that when McDonald’s first opened in 1955, the only size fry you could order was 2.4oz. Today, the only way you could get 2.4oz. of fries is if you ordered a small and threw a few of them away. Oh, and the size of the burger has gone from 3.6oz. to 9.2oz. As for drinks, back in the day you could only get a 7oz cup. Today, you can order something between a 12oz. and a 30oz. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that McDonald’s isn’t even the worst culprit. Overall, restaurant serving sizes are four times larger now than they were in the 1950s. The USDA found that 96% of all U.S. restaurant meals exceeded their recommended amounts of fat and sodium. By the time your food arrives when you go out to eat Mexican, you’ve probably eaten half your allotted calories in chips (about 20). Meanwhile, the average weight of an American male is nearly 30lbs heavier than he was in the 1960s. The point is, health-conscious Christians need to be aware that food culture is against them. It requires ridiculous discipline to be an exception to the trend of unhealthy Americans. But this is an opportunity for us to shine as health-conscious Christians in our community. As the ill-effects of “supersizing” our meals continues to afflict Americans, we can be there to help.. But to do that, we have to lead by example.

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