Scientists are aglow over the discovery of the most distant, supermassive black hole ever (ignoring, of course, the supermassive black hole that is the Kansas City Chiefs right now). This sucker is a billion times larger than our sun, and sits 13 billion light years away from us. You don’t want to know how long it would take to drive there. This star sucker has led one Brazilian astronomer to wonder whether the Big Bang happened at all. After all, how could this gigantic black hole be as old as the Big Bang? A popular science website asked: “What if the Big Bang wasn’t the beginning?” What if there’s more to the story that’s being told? What if investigating all those quasars and quarks in the universe will lead us back to a manger in Bethlehem? What if the stars up there are still meant to lead us down here? What if the night the angels broke their silence and sang was the greatest revelation of reality humanity has ever experienced? We saw the Divine wearing our flesh. And in that moment we realized we weren’t cosmic orphans. We weren’t alone. We were loved. We belonged. We realized that so many of the everyday things happening around us aren’t accidents, but miracles. The universe was conspiring to teach us a single thing: God is with you. Those four, perfect words are the greatest scientific discovery sinful humanity has ever uncovered.

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