I lose my keys all of the time, and this story makes me thankful it’s just my car keys. Earlier this week I read quite the interesting article. There you are, an Italian firefighter, when a 60-year old grandmother walks in. She raises her sweater and points to an iron “chastity belt”, muttering something about how she has unfortunately lost her key and asks for help. Not really how you hoped your day would go. After making sure some crazy guy didn’t force her to wear it, the firefighters learned the truth: news reports of sexual assault had scared her into protecting herself…the medieval way. The chastity belt, after all, began as something of a joke, an imaginative musing by an engineer (of all people) who built siege engines for a living. There’s no evidence they were ever used. The woman’s fears are well-understood, but I feel her approach was a bit extreme. Although she did this motivated by the huge fear in her mind of being exposed to being taken advantage of.

We never win when in extremes. As gospel proclaimers, we don’t win any credibility with the people we’re trying to win over by being overprotective. While we know where history is headed, we should not react driven by fear; we’re not there yet. Let’s meet people where they are, and love and reason them into all truth, and not lose the Key to all of our puzzles.

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