Talk about “counting your chickens”! A French woman dropped €4,000 ($4,500) on clothes, perfume, and jewelry in one day. (Incidentally, you could probably buy the Mason City mall for that amount.) Don’t judge her; she was celebrating the fact that she won the EuroMillions lottery, worth, well, millions! Except, uh, she didn’t win. She thought she had the right numbers, only for her horrified son to reform her upon her return with tons of new stuff that she was actually one number off. After her checks bounced, she was taken to court. So it will be with all of us who don’t understand our spiritual condition. But you have to give the lady credit for this: believing she had won a lot of money, she wasted no time in living it out. What can we say for so many Christians who have an even greater assurance of their eternal riches, but still live like earth-bound paupers? Isn’t that what faith looks like? Let’s grab ahold of Jesus’ promises with certainty and live as if they’re true – as surely as someone who thought the lottery would live.

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