They’re calling it one of the most expensive divorces in history. American supermodel Christina Estrada (age 53) has called it “quits” with her billionaire Saudi husband (61) after she found out he married a Lebanese model (25). The husband defended his decision on the basis that Saudi law allows him up to four wives, which, strangely, did not console Ms. Estrada (he would have done well to heed Paul, who said “all things are lawful, but not all things are good”). Ms. Estraded demanded a whopping $262 million dollars to heal her wounded pride. The Saudi lawyer pointed out that “you are claiming for 55 pair of boots and shoes, at a cost of $78,000 every year. Can you not see that this is a lot of money?” Estrada replied: “Not really. That is what they cost.” Can’t argue with that! Estrada’s needs also include $1.3m a year for clothes, $73m for mortgages, and $13,300 to attend Elton John’s annual white tie ball. She justifies all of this because “that is the standard I am used to.” Let’s not let ourselves be poisoned by the idea that God owes us a comfortable life. It’s nice to have nice things, but if our niceness is dependent upon nice things, we are missing the mark. Let us stay true to our vow to Jesus “from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health.” Otherwise, separating ourselves from Jesus truly is an expensive divorce.

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