Maybe you heard that Pope Francis is coming to visit this week. He’s going to address the U.N. and the U.S. Congress, and while we don’t know exactly what he will say, rumors abound. Many Adventists are especially nervous. Will this be the beginning of the end? Will the pope urge Congress to pass a “Sunday Law”? Let’s relax. I’m sure the pope will say that Sunday is a good day to spend with family and urge people to go back to church, but that’s what popes have been saying for decades. Here’s what I’m getting at: people out there don’t have the whole prophetic picture that Adventists have. What they will likely see is a very popular, compassionate pontiff urging Americans towards family values. Don’t squander your hard-earned trust with people by painting a hyperbolic, doom-and-gloom scenario so that they walk away thinking you’re that crazy Saturday lady. Keep that trust. Be judicious and gracious. We know where all this is headed, and Pope Francis’ upcoming speech may be a big step or not, but let’s talk first and foremost about Jesus and lead people through the gospel. We know how it ends and so we’ve seen this movie before. But as we watch it with people who haven’t seen it, let’s not be the guy who says, “Ooh, this is a great part. Then it gets boring.” No one likes that guy. More importantly, no one wants to watch a movie with them. With prophecy in mind, let’s be the kind of Christians people want to watch the movie of Earth’s final moments with.

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