Heaven will be a place where you can build some stairs without stares. I’m sure what the retired mechanic in Toronto is thinking, after his good deed went scorned by the city. After several locals slipped on a steep public pathway, the city stepped came up with a project to spend $100,000 on a set of stairs and some landscaping. As local residents waited, waited, and finally waited some more for the city to start something, the retiree bought some lumber and paid a homeless man to help him install eight steps down the sloping path. His total cost: $550, or about 0.5% of the city’s estimate. Miraculously finding a burst of speed, the city quickly taped off the stairs, claiming they weren’t up to code. The mayor acknowledged that his plan sounded “completely out of whack with reality,” and told his staff to come up with a cheaper solution. The retired mechanic is out $500, but he saved taxpayers tens of thousands. For him, it was worth it. He saw a need and he met it. While we respect the rules in this world, let’s not stop being a people who fix what’s broken. Jesus did.

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